Typical applications

The Mill ROTODUE 4C is suitable to produce air classified powders with granulometry in the range 0 to 100÷300 micron, with d50=in the range 10÷40 micron.
Product fineness is easily adjustable by varying the speed of the dynamic air classifier, with speed controlled by Inverter.
The discharge of the product is pneumatic in air stream and therefore the mill is specially suitable for the operation with hot gases (drying-grinding process) .
This allows a partial drying of moist materials during the grinding, operation and results in a tremendous reduction of investment, space and operation costs compared with plants where drying is made in separate equipment before grinding.
The main application fields are the production of filler of:

  • Calcium carbonate minus 100 micron
  • Calcium oxide
  • Low abrasive minerals
  • Talc
  • Gypsum
  • Barite
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Petroleum coke and/or coal 97% minus 90 micron, for plants using solid fuels
  • Clays for single-fired ceramic tiles
  • The body is made of welded steel plate of high thickness, fully protected inside by replaceable wear
    resistant plates
  • External bearings, grease lubricated, enclosed in dust-tight supports
  • Toothed grinding plates wear resistant steel
  • Standard multi-disc rotor hardox material with swinging hammers
  • Heavy duty drum type rotor type XP with fixed hammers
  • Hammers of cast high chromium alloy
Feed inlet mm 320 x 570 320 x 1120
Maximum feed size mm 20÷30 20÷30
Speed rpm 1400÷1800 1400÷1650
Required power kW 2 x 45 ÷ 75 2 x 90 ÷ 132
Capacity (as indication only) ton/hou 2÷8 4÷15
Weight Kg 5500 10000

The data and characteristics of this table are informative and subject to change without prior notice.

Double rotor hammer mill type “ROTODUE 4/C” with dynamic classifier