Cimma Morandotti S.P.A. has an usefull TEST ROOM in which are available many working grinding machines / plants of its lines.

It is so possible to carry out pilote and semi-industrial grinding test on customers raw materials in order to evaluate the process requirements and machines set up.

Cimma with its technical staff and its experience is available to solve all the requirement of the project development.

In the test room are available the following machines and plants:
• Cryogenic plant with Pin mill type contrarotor C.30 – C.60
• Plant with Universal Impact Mill type P/D with hot air
• Pulverizing plant with mill type PPS 300
• Pulverizing plant with mill type SV 3 MICRO
• Pulverizing plant with mill type SF 75
• Micro classification plant with MS 400
• Mill type X 0, X00 AP
• Pulverizing plant with mill type X00 C
• Roll cruscher type R II 400
• Lump breaker model RIP 600
• Lump breaker type RG 300
• Mixer type TP MIX 60 with liquid dosing system
• Drying grinding pilot plant for biomass with BL32 hammer mill
• Laboratory for granulometry test and analyses

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