The impact hammer mill from Cimma are Rotodue 4M, Rotouno, Combi and others

The impact hammer mill produced by Cimma located in Pavia is suitable for grinding and drying material such as calcium carbonate, dolomite, clay, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, gypsum. The impact hammer mill has doubled the volume of the grinding chambers and the surface of the grill is as wide as the mill. All this thanks to the research conducted in the lab by the highly qualified staff. The staff will guide you in each step of the purchase of the impact hammer mill finding the solution that suits your requests.

Cimma is the company which has been working on the market since 1947 which produces impact hammer mills. Thanks to the collaboration with many companies which act as resellers and to direct sale, Cimma has managed to create a widespread network in the distribution of its products in particular of the impact hammer mills. The impact hammer mill is ideal for manufacturing products as fine as 0,5 ÷ 3 mm, it allows you to grind brittle materials of medium hardness and abrasiveness, it has a robust construction and requires easy maintenance, these are just some of the characteristics that you can find if you purchase the impact hammer mill.

Double rotor hammer mill type “ROTODUE 4M”

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