Grinding at a medium fineness (0÷5 mm) of low and medium hardness minerals (gypsum, talc, lime, dolomite, clay, coal, etc); chemical products; scraps of brittle manufactured products (for example, waste of bricks).
It is possible to get products with a high percentage of fine particles (with lime and dolomite, for example, up to 80-90% less than 1 mm).
New version with heavy duty rotor design suitable for feeding size up to 60-80 mm.
Grinding and contemporaneous drying of moist materials by means of hot air or hot gas inlet.
Our Technical Service is able to study the necessary operating conditions according to the initial moisture of the material, the available fuel, the desired granulometry.

  • Casing of welded sheet of high thickness, protected inside by interchangeable plates
  • Hinged covers quickly openable by means of hydraulic device, for the easy replacement of the grinding elements
  • Cr.Ni. shaft mounted on roll bearings
  • Supports with special dust seals, outside the casing
  • Swinging hammers cast in a wear resistant alloy of high hardness
  • Bar grate with adjustable opening
  • The reversible rotation sense (except particular cases) allows to use hammers and armours on both
    sides without removing them
MODEL ROTOUNO 800/600 800/1200
Rotor’s diameter mm 800 800
Speed rpm 600÷1800 600÷1500
Required power kW 37÷75 75÷110
Production with limestone of medium hardness ton/h 8÷15 18÷30
Feed inlet mm 400 x 600 400 x 1200
Weight (without motor) Ton 3,5 5


The data and characteristics of this table are informative and subject to change without prior notice.