Application field

Designed for fine grinding (95% < 100 micron) of low abrasive materials as chemical products, cereals, feed products, calcium carbonate, sugar, cocoa cake. The outlet granulometry of products can be modified adjusting rotors’s speed.
No screens are installed in the mill body.

The CONTRAROTOR C30 type is firstly developed for the cryogenic grinding by using of liquid nitrogen for heat sensitive products as Viton, rubber, polypropylene, nylon, EVA etc., feed products, oily spices.
We have the cryogenic plant for full scale tests with client’s material at our factory in Pavia.

  • Mill’s body in cast alloy (welded STAINLESS STEEL on demand)
  • Pin rotor in hardened steel or stainless steel (cryogenic applications)

The CONTRAROTOR C60 type is developed with heavy duty design for minerals and chemicals, with higher capacity 1-3 t/h.

TYPE C-30 C-60
Fineness range micron 50÷500 50÷200
Capacity Kg/h 100÷300 500÷2000
Feed size mm 0÷8 5÷15
Power installed kW 15+15 45+45 (max)


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Pin mill type contrarotor “C30”

Schema criomacinazione