Cimma rotary dryer

Among the different machinery produced by Cimma there is also the rotary dryer. The model is the company’s best seller of engineer Morandotti. Reliability and professionalism are the characteristics which differentiates us from the rest. Choose the rotary dryer produced by the company in Pavia Cimma, it can be used to process material in a solid state and raw material from quarries like quartz sand, calcium carbonate, all materials which can be processed with the rotary dryers. Furthermore the company produces rotary dryers for minerals and rotary dryers for fertilizers. Come to visit our manufacturing plant and you will find the solution that most suits your needs in just minutes.

Rotary dryer: Cimma can provide you with a customised solution

The company of engineer Morandotti with the purchase of a rotary dryer offers you a customised solution which most suits your needs. The rotary dryer produced by the company based in Pavia is customised based on the type of material that needs to be processed, by the required capacity and by the percentage of humidity that needs to be removed. Apart from the rotary dryer Cimma produces drying-grinding systems and offers a wide choice of models. Cimma provides its customers with a highly qualified technical staff which can solve any problem with a suitable solution.

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