The pulverizing mill with inimitable technical characteristics

At Cimma in Pavia you can find the pulverizing mill that most suits your needs. The expert and qualified staff will help you choose the pulverizing mill that meets your requests. The products made by the company Cimma are tested to check the quality of production. What are you waiting for choose the pulverizing mill made by Cimma the company from Pavia which has been working on the market since 1947. Cimma can help you find what you are looking for in minutes. The technical and mechanical characteristics which distinguish the products stand out for the high quality of mechanics used.

Cimma offers modern technical characteristics in the field of pulverizing mills, if you need to purchase a pulverizing mill you cannot choose anything but the quality of the machines made by Cimma. The pulverizing mill has many characteristics which distinguishes it: high speed, large grinding surface and the special shape of the rotor with numerous blades placed on various levels. The material that needs to be ground is placed inside directly in the grinding chamber, when the product comes out it goes through a separating section in which the coarse particles are recycled by the mill. All of this is possible thanks to the Cimma pulverizing mill.

Mulino polverizzatore tipo “SF”

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