Technical features

Our roll crushers suit the most varied operations and can be supplied equipped with one or two pairs of rolls of size and shape suitable to meet a multiplicity of requirements.
A large reduction in output size is achieved, in a single operation, with the crusher fitted with two pairs of rolls whilst models with a single pair give a smaller reduction.
Rolls with large, medium or small teeth can be supplied as well as rolls with grooved or smooth surface.
Types and sizes depend on:

  • the properties of the material to be treated
  • the size of the desired product
  • the output per hour required

Essentially, the roll crushers consist of a welded steel frame which supports the rolls on solid, cast-iron bearings. Each pair of rolls in composed of a powered, rotating cylinder in a fixed position and a spring-loaded moveable cylinder, the latter permitting the passage of hard, foreign bodies, the clearance between the cylinders being adjustable in order to vary, as required, the size of the final product. Drive to the fixed cylinder, or roll, is through a chain which transmits the motion from a speed gear box. The moveable roll is driven from the fixed roll via a pair of steel gears. Special scrapers clean the rolls which are protected by a steel casing. The specifications of the standard types of crusher are given in the following tables, but suitable combinations of standard elements can be employed to design machines to different specifications.
In order to make the utmost use of the advantages offered by the roll crushers, it is essential for the feed to be suitable controlled, and for the distribution to be as even as possible throughout the full width of the rolls. It is advisable to employ one, or more, magnetic plates in the feed conveyor when there is a danger that ferrous metal may be mixed with the uncrushed material.

Crushers equipped with toothed or corrugated rolls are suitable for:

  • crushing coke, coal or charcoal
  • granulating fertilizers and chemical products in general
  • breaking into lumps materials such as clay, bentonite, sugar, etc

Crushers fitted with grooved or smooth cylinders may be used for:

  • granulating and grinding hard and friable products such as glass, quartzite, feldspar, limestone, corundum, grog and similar materials
roll diameter mm. 300 400
working width mm. 400,600,800 600,800,1000
required power HP 5÷10 8÷20


The data and characteristics of this table are informative and subject to change without prior notice.

upper role diameter mm 300 400
lower roll diameter mm 300 400
working width mm 400,600,800 600,800,1000
required power kW 7,5÷15 15÷25


The data and characteristics of this table are informative and subject to change without prior notice.